Monday, April 30, 2007

Current grade register snapshot...

  I am enclosing the snapshot of the current cumulatives--so that you know your relative standing as well as check to make sure that
all your marks have been properly entered.

Please note that the exact weights for various parts are subject to change. As of now, I reckoned
21 pts for the three homeworks
20 pts for midterm
36 pts for all projects (includign the third+demo)
15 pts for the final homework+presentation
8   pts for participation

I am surely going to have second thoughts on the relative weights (and you are welcome to express your views--either by mail or

The last column in blue titled relative percentage is just relativized percentage of your current cumulative assuming the top student in each
category determines 100%.

The participation grade will be determined from your attendance, class questions and blog participation (you will be filling a data sheet tomorrow--
that will ask you to estimate the number of classes you missed, the number of times you may have asked/answered questions in the class, and the
number of times you wrote a discussion response on the blog--not counting the times you were required to post your reviews).




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