Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Qn on the perceived usefulness of the XML lectures.


I am wondering if I am adding much value to what you may already know about XML and its standards.
I have been going by some assumptions about the usual misconceptions regarding XML standards and am spending
time in the lectures trying my  best to dispel these misconceptions. However,  it occurred to me that perhaps most of you are already
free of these misconceptions and I may have been over-elaborating (or is it over-belaboring)
some of the issues  (sort of like Elaine's over-compensation of exclamation marks; see
http://www.siyumhaseinfeld.com/eps/scripts/S504-TheSniffingAccountant.html ).

Any comments, especially by people aware of XML, on the utility of these lectures will be useful in helping me
fine tune the later lectures
(of course anonymously via http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/cgi-bin/mail?rao )


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