Sunday, April 22, 2007

*Important*: Change in the Project 3 demo schedule

Based on the discussions in the class, we made a change to the demo
schedule for project 3.

1. All projects, along with the analysis, are due on the last day of
classes (May 1st) in the class.

2. The demos are scheduled on 2nd and 3rd May (i.e., after turning in the
project reports.) You need to demo all the tasks(i.e., Vector Space,
Authority/Hub, PageRank. Clustering algorithms and anything else that you
have implemented.) The TA will see the demo in CSE open lab(BYENG 214). Either
you can bring your laptop or show it on the computer in the open lab.

A sheet with demo slots will be circulated in the class.


In this approach, everyone gets equal time for completing the project
and turning it in. The version demonstrated is expected to be the one
that is turned in on May 1st.

[Apr 22, 2007]

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