Thursday, March 29, 2007

If you are planning to do the exam at home again--here are instructions

So, here is the standard FAQ on
at-home-version-of-the-in-class exam

Let me know if you have questions (if you are afraid of asking them,
you can use

0. What are the ground rules for doing this--

Only that (a) you have not talked to anyone about the exam and (b) you
have to submit it at the ***beginning of the class
on Tuesday 4/3****

1. Do I do just the parts I thought I didn't do well or the whole exam?

You have to do the whole exam (see below as to why)

2. Do I lose anything if I don't do it at home?

No (okay--you do lose the satisfaction of doing it twice;-). Your
grade in the in-class test will stand.

3. How is the effective midterm grade computed?

Eff = max( in-class; w*in-class+(1-w)*at-home )

4. What is the range of w?

0.5 < w <1

(typical values in the past ranged between .6 and .666)

5. But if everyone else does it at home and improves their grade, and

I decide to watch Seinfeld reruns, don't I lose out?

No. First of all, *nobody* ever loses out by watching Seinfeld reruns
(Channel 10; week nights 10:30 and again at 11:30; also Channel 14 on
Rao's TV).

The difference between your inclass score and the Eff score will be
considered as your _extra credit_ on the mid term (and thus those
points wont affect grade cutoffs).

6. How do you device these ludicrously complex schemes?

This is the only way of making Xcel do some real work.


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