Thursday, February 22, 2007

*REQUIRED READING FOR NEXT CLASS*--Anatomy of hyper-textual search engine..


 A large part of next Tuesday's class will be devoted to a discussion of the paper

(this is the top one in the "overall search engine" category).

You should all (1) read it and (2) bring to the class a an at-most one page review to the class with questions and/or observations about
the paper given all that you know about how search engines could work). Focus on what are aspects of the architecture that surprised you
and/or different from what we discussed in the class.

The class itself will consist of us discussing the questions you bring up.

This is a mandatory class and your participation is mandatory..

(I will probably use part of the time time to talk about page rank variations such as
topic-specific page rank and trust-rank; but most of the class will be for discussing the whole search
engine anatomy).


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