Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An additional paper for discussion on Thursday..

..as long as we are going to continue with the discussion of anatomy of search engine paper, I would
also suggest that you read the following paper on the challenges faced by search engines:


(This is a 2002 paper written by one of the google research scientists that talks about all fun ways people try to
fool search engines... and some ideas for overcoming them).

(This is a mandatory reading)


ps: If you are curious about the searchking pagefarming case, search for "searchking google" in google ;-)

ps2: Information about google coop is at google.com/coop  (an example of coop supporting google queries can be found
by issuing a query like "Lymphoma" or "Diabetes"  --see the "query refinement suggestions" before the top 10 results ). We will talk about
Google coop and the idea of using folksonomies and annotations to improve search in the second part of the course.

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