Friday, January 19, 2007

Semantic Search on Pictures.

In context of first day of discussion in class on tagging picuturs this looks interesting, Semantic search on multimedia content, including pictures and videos, It is not perfect but still its good. MARVEL can be downloaded and tried.


Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Subbarao:
I came here from Rohit / Kartik's blog.
For long time I was fascinated with the idea of capturing and indexing the media.
At present I am interested in understanding all-ado-about semantic analysis. Please visit my blog's post Semantic Web and Facet Analysis, and comment on what you think of this subject.
By the way, are you from Andhra?
In case you are, my other blog has interesting stuff for that region.
Best, MT

Mohamed Taher said...

This was for Raju Garu.
Best, MT