Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clustering search results to increase their diversity..

I added a slide summarizing the discussion on why top-k results
should simultaneously satisfy two constraints (be as close to the query
as possible while being as far from each other as possible).

As I said one way to increase result diversity is to get results in terms of their
proximity to the query, and then cluster them and give cluster representatives. is such a seach engine.

Here is an example:

(you can try other queries..)


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oneuponzero said...

presenting results in clusters seems pretty effective . (left side column in vivisimo is useful)
users not happy with modern search engines' (read google) bias towards popular data get nice way to find their niche category

ex if u put 1 word 'india' in google then its bit difficult reach site of government of india .
in case of vivisimo; cluster column provide easy way , also it comes in top 10 results .